MelOrange Line - Orange Beauty Melons
(nr. 2008)
Product Information

MelOrange® Line - Orange Beauty Melon:
Very Dark Orange Flesh® (VDOF) combined with a stunning High Sugar Content (13 to 17° Brix) and a very small seed cavity. Variety rich in ß-Carotene (Provitamin A) Of high nutritional value with a firm and juicy flesh carrying a wonderful Charentais after taste. Variety ideally suited for high qualitative export markets.

• For Retail server, Distributor, Consumer:
  -Year round supply of consistency
  -Premium quality product

• Orange Beauty is the first variety in this exciting new line.
• Sienne has the same characteristics as Orange Beauty, in size Sienne is bigger, approz. 1,2 Kg
• In addition to having all the characteristics of the Melorange®, Orange Beauty is gently semi-netted with a light skin colour
  and dark green-blue sutures giving an attractive external appearance.
• Flesh colour keeps its Very Dark Orange intensity after harvest.

Product details
Shelf Life:              LSL (12 days)
Sex:                    monoecious
Ave. weight:           medium, 0,8 to 1,0 kg
Cycle:                  short – early variety
Shape:                  perfectly round
Harvest:                concentrated on 10 days
Uniformity:             very uniform        
Vigour:                 medium
Sutures:                well defined & persistent
Setting:                normal to high
Nets:                     semi-netted
Plant balance:       well balanced
Skin colour:            light grey             
Flesh colour:          very dark orange - VDOF®
Cavity:                   small
Brix:                      very high & reliable : 15°


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