Our vision of the future

Why do we do what we do

Working with fresh produce, following the seasons, discovering the most fertile places in the world…these are our passions. Passion that we have made our profession, passion we happily share with our customers.


You need to provide unique information in a world where you can Google (almost) anything. It’s not about following the news but making the news. And that’s what we do. With new products, new growing regions and new production methods, and if you do that in a transparent and honest way then every party in the chain benefits: people, society and the environment. That is how we and our partners can distinguish ourselves, with original products and creating a future for all those involved.

Furthermore, our short and controlled cool chain provides quality products that are supplied on time and tailor-made to your needs, so margins are guaranteed.

Making decisions today for tomorrow’s market

In order to keep scoring in the future, you need to get Mother Nature on your side now. We presume to be able to take a glance into the future using our eyes and ears across the world in the guise of growers, retailers and the end-users. Setting the trends, responding to tomorrow’s market. As entrepreneurs we know the risks; as people, we welcome the challenge.